Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Our WHMIS training Meets WorkSafeBC’s New Mandatory Training Requirements
Mishandling of hazardous materials can have disastrous consequences. At work, at school, in the places you do business and at home, knowing what you are dealing with, how to minimize exposure, and how to respond when the unthinkable happens can drastically reduce the potentially life-altering consequences of an encounter with hazardous materials. This online safety training meets Federal and Provincial requirements to provide WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) training and certification.


Certification: Certification requires full participation and course attendance. Candidates must achieve 70% on a multiple choice exam. Upon successful completion, the participant will receive certification that is valid for three years.


Course Content: Explain and comply with WHMIS regulatory requirements, explain the importance and requirements of WHMIS education and training, explain the classification system and use the knowledge to identify hazards, list the different types of labels and describe the main components of each, use labels to identify hazards and follow safe work procedures, describe the main components of an MSDS and use it to obtain information and develop safe work procedures, identify the key elements of a WHMIS program and implement the program.


Length: 4 Hours

Currently Only Group Courses Available:   WHMIS group rate is of $440.00 up to and including 8 students; for each additional student, up to a maximum of 18, there will be an additional charge of $55.00 per person.

No courses available at the moment.

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