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Opioid overdose rates in BC are dramatically on the rise. This no longer affects just the bad part of town and can no longer be ignored; it is in our workplaces our schools and part of our everyday lives. The best thing you can do is to be educated.

1) Understanding what is an opiate overdose
2) Learning how to recognize common opiates
3) Understanding what is Naloxone and how does it work
4) Understanding, and Practicing, the administration Naloxone

6:00pm to 9:00pm

$75.00 per person

*** Private group courses available please contact the office for more information***

There are very simplistic courses out there that will just show you how to do the injection. BUT we feel it’s vital that you have a more complete understanding of opiate overdose and overall patient management. Given that these patients are actually dying from Hypoxia (lack of oxygen), the most important part of managing an opiate overdose is actually the airway and breathing management in conjunction with the use of Naloxone. This and more is what you will learn in this course!

Our Instructors

The instructors delivering these courses have years of experience as a paramedics and emergency nursing as well as decades of background in emergency services and first aid education. Our team includes an instructor, who has been directly involved in developing the Naloxone training program that is being delivered to the fire departments of British Columbia.

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